Profile and Certificate

Mr. Kenly Chan, who was borned in Hong Kong, has been participating in the industrial prototype and commercial sculptures.

He studied “Product design” in Hong Kong School of Design (HKSD); and “Fine Art” in Hong Kong Art School (HKAS).
He is the committee member of “The Toys Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong Limited”(TMHK); “Hong Kong Greater China SME Alliance Association” (HKGCSMEAA)&
Asia Pacific Creative Industries Association (APCIA).

Industiral Designs Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK) and International Watercolor Society (IWS).

Mr. Kenly Chan has been doing art creation, industrial designing and market development and running business between Hong Kong and Mainland, China. More than 20 years, he witnesses the evolution of the technique of the industry from the basic handicrafting to 3D printing with fully computerized. Due to the change of the industry, his business has also be changed from product development, art license and brand creation.

Under the leadership of Mr. Kenly Chan, Sungroup Development Ltd, has joined the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair in 2014, obtained the D-Mark, a design mark from the Hong Kong issued by Federation of Hong Kong Industries in 2015, obtained the Hong Kong SME innovation Award in 2016, obtained Local Brand Hong Kong Awards & the Most Collectible Artist’s Award in 2017.

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