Product Development & Prototype Making


Transform your bright ideas into products in fast and cost effective way.

We care a rapid prototype factory located in Shenzhen and have office in Hong Kong. We provide one stop service to the customer form idea to preproduction samples. With computer aided equipments and cutting edge technology, we are capable to provide high precision 3D drawing and composed complicated prototype in various materials. Our team can provide not only technical and engineering consultancy but also offer fresh idea in shapes and decoration design for the models if you are sourcing time saving and cost effective product development service, we are the right choice. Call us today for details.


O.A.M (Original Art Manufacturing ) is a Hong Kong original brand with the core value of “ 1 . Want to Be . Like . You ” . In 2017, O.A.M has an innovative idea trying to lead us from the present localised “Self” concept to be able to cooperate with other brands to achieve win-win situations by having a heart of “Non-Self”; and what may be the main point to attract more supporters of “ Solipsism ” brand is to be getting involved in the mission of “selfless”.

Thus, O.A.M will follow up the mission of Self “Thought” to express itself, and will always look forward to having an opportunity to play the value of the “ideal” in the market…

Nevertheless, in creating process, in order to obtain greater achievements of “Dream” in the market, what O.A.M needs to do is to observer, to “Meditate”, to discuss, to update and keep changing!

Hong Kong Innovation Brand depends mainly on a thought of “Idea” to make a profound “Impression” to the market, defining a company “Image”, and then having a true feeling of the experience of “Abstract”;

Last but not least, O.A.M is Brand Effect, from the beginning of “Miss You brand; to “Love You” brand; and then “Follow You” to be a consumer, all just because O.A.M expects to have an identity and status of “I Like You”!

[Creativity @Dream Flying]

Series 1 & Series 2 mean that contemporary artist needs to have the idea of combining traditional culture with era creativity. In other words, artist needs to have confidence, ambition, determination, and perseverance to keep innovating through the wind and rain, thus, artist will fly higher and farther, to see the rainbows after the rain, making dream come true.

As for the works, which stow a concept of mixing of “Describe Quiet and Stable Traditional Details” with “Contemporary Abstract Wild Splash-ink Style” to us, to let us feel life is like a red sun shy, long flowing stream.. What a wonderful experience.